SciTech opens up ‘Sustainable Choices’ traveling exhibit on June’s First Fridays

SciTech Hands On Museum, 18 West Benton Street in Aurora, is hosting “Sustainable Choices,” a display from NRG! Exhibits.

This interactive exhibit explores the concept of sustainability and the choices that each of us make as consumers. Sustainability, or meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, is an increasingly important topic as the world’s population and consumption expands.

Opening on June 1 for Downtown Aurora’s First Friday, “Sustainable Choices” will engage visitors through hands-on activities and thought-provoking content.

The exhibit describes some of the choices that individuals and families can make every day to live in a sustainable manner. In some cases, there are no clearly correct choices to make; all of the available choices include environmental trade-offs. “Sustainable Choices” will help visitors make informed decisions.

“Sustainable Choices” has several themed kiosks, including electricity, water, transportation, shopping, and the yard. These are presented through the question, “From where did I come and where will I go?” which addresses key topics that are the basis for identifying sustainable choices: life cycle assessment, production, consumption, and waste. In this context the exhibit helps the visitor understand his or her role via the familiar and immediate: Choices I make today have a lasting effect.

The self-guided exhibit is free with museum admission and open to the public.