Proposed East Side gateway mural design selected for downtown Aurora

Aurora Downtown’s Streetscape committee selected a final design for a proposed East Side gateway mural. Artists Laura Lynne Kubicek and Catalina Diaz presented a final design that will be going forward to the city approval process. 

Aurora Downtown published a request for proposals in January. The organization received eight proposals by the February 12 due date. 

Among those, Kubicek and Diaz, working as a team, were chosen by the committee to present a final design to a mural task team that was then selected to review the design. The design will now move through the city process to approve murals in downtown’s FoxWalk Overlay District. 

Laura Lynne and Catalina Diaz were selected to present a final design to Aurora Downtown’s Streetscape committee for an East Side gateway mural.

“A critical look at our previous selection process by community members helped us to put a more transparent and equitable selection process in place for murals that we sponsor as a downtown organization,” said Marissa Amoni, manager of Aurora Downtown.

Amoni said that aside from the eight-member Streetscape Committee, a mural task team made up of artists and business owners in the community reviewed the design.

The design was initially selected by the committee based on a scored rubric.

A progress photo shared during the final design creation process for a gateway mural on the East Side of Aurora sponsored by Aurora Downtown.

“We are excited to work with Laura and Catalina on the gateway mural. They are already welcoming community members and fellow artists to assist them with the painting. It’ll be a great community collaboration,” said Gina Salamone, Streetscape Committee chair. 

The mural will be painted on the east wall of Mangkuk Restaurant, 210 E. Galena Blvd. 

Architectual elements from the Keystone building on Stolp Avenue are used in the final mural design by Laura Lynne and Catalina Diaz.

This is the second gateway mural sponsored by the group. The first mural, completed by artist Josh Schultz last fall, is on the southwest corner of Lake Street and Galena Boulevard. 

If the mural is approved by city council, work is planned to start in August.