Music in downtown Come In!

Welcome to Aurora Downtown’s Musical Garden! The garden was installed in October 2020 at Agnes Mundy Park adjacent to Water Street Mall and Aurora’s City Hall, 44 E. Downer Pl.

The garden features instruments from Freenotes Harmony Park and was funded by Aurora Downtown’s Streetscape Committee. The instruments were installed by The Larson Equipment and Furniture Company. Special thanks to Mark Robinson, Abby Schuler, Cathy Hayen and the city of Aurora.

Be a musician

Anyone can play music at Aurora Downtown’s Musical Garden. The instruments are perfectly tuned and ready to play music as they are. There is no need for any instructions on how they should be played. Any combination of notes is pleasing, and the instruments are accessible to all.

Unlock creative expressive play through music. Everyone is a musician!

Enjoy art, music, and more in downtown Aurora.