Go fund downtown: A trio of exciting things is coming to Aurora with your help

Three big things are coming to downtown Aurora. They just need a little help getting off the ground. Read more about a new arts center, a comedy festival, and a vegan restaurant, and learn how you can help them to grow.

An Arts Center

Stolp Island Arts Center is a non-profit in downtown Aurora dedicated to fostering the continued growth of visual arts in Aurora and the surrounding areas. The organization’s mission is to be an integral part of the growing art community through mentoring, education, creation, exhibition, and inspiration of artists of all ages and skill levels by providing a creative, collaborative community.

The team is led by executive director and artist Kit Sunderland. Board members include Jason Sunderland, Steve Ducharme, Jason Arthur, Gina Salamone, Tim Frederick, and Amy Song.

The planned location is the ground floor of The Mayan at Stolp Avenue and Benton Street in downtown Aurora.

Go Fund Me link: Click here.

A comedy festival

On the Fox Comedy Fest is a comedy festival planned for Aurora on September 28 and 29, 2018.  “We will bring an amazing collection of stand-up comedy shows and audiences to Downtown Aurora,” said comic Matt Drufke.

Drufke reports that producers include local stand-up comedians as well as people who live in Aurora and “want to see the city host a fantastic event.”

Drufke also hosts Still Not Friday, a weekly stand-up comedy showcase at Two Brothers Roundhouse.

The groups goal is to crowdfund $5,000 within two weeks (they are currently at over $4,000. The campaign states that the money will go directly to help the organizers 1) contract nationally recognized comedians for the festival, 2) secure performance venues in Downtown Aurora, and 3) show donors and sponsors that an audience of comedy fans are hungry for a festival like theirs to launch in Aurora.

Go Fund Me link: Click here.

A vegan restaurant

Isidore’s Table is a new vegan restaurant located at 46 W. New York St. that will open in early 2018. Owner Cathy India is excited to bring healthful food options to downtown, and is seeking to raise $30,000 to assist with startup costs.

India says the restaurant will feature plant-based whole foods. She is currently working with a local team on a build out for the space that formerly served as a photography studio.

Isidore’s Table will feature breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Only fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains allowed. No animal or dairy products here.

Go Fund Me link: Click here.