Fonda mi Pueblito, a traditional Mexican restaurant opens on Broadway

Fonda mi Pueblito recently opened its doors at 31 N. Broadway in downtown Aurora. The city celebrated with a ribbon-cutting in early October. It is a traditional Mexican restaurant where all of the food is fresh and made in house.

The interior of Fonda mi Pueblito at 31 N. Broadway.
The interior of Fonda mi Pueblito at 31 N. Broadway.

The owner of Fonda mi Pueblito, Ana Rodriguez, has been an Aurora local for 27 years and was a personal banker at Fifth Third Bank before she “was able to live her dream of opening a restaurant.” She has been passionate about good food and traditional cooking since she was a small child watching her grandmother cook. Fonda mi Pueblito is not just a restaurant to Rodriguez but her passion in life.

Her hometown is Arcelia Guerrero in southwest Mexico, but despite living in the US for so long she has not lost her Mexican heritage. The name of the restaurant, Fonda mi Pueblito, means “my small town.” Rodriguez picked the right name because she is bringing a taste of her hometown of Arcelia Guerrero to downtown Aurora.

The interior of Fonda mi Pueblito.

Rodriguez stated that “she wants the customer to feel like they are eating a meal at their own homes.” She feels that the restaurant stands out because she uses her past customer service experience mixed with her passion for cooking to make each diner feel like they have a personalized meal. She also goes out of her way to make sure each customer’s meal is tailored to them with dietary needs, requests, and vegetarian options. Everyone on the staff is bilingual to accommodate the mix of cultures within downtown Aurora. Rodriguez states that they strive to “treat everyone the same and welcome everyone into Fonda mi Pueblito.”

Ana Rodriguez and her staff in front of Fonda mi Pueblito.

The food at Fonda mi Pueblito is authentic and it is all made in house with fresh ingredients. They have homemade picaditas, a special traditional cheese, and blue corn tortillas. They also have homemade salsas, over ten different kinds that change day by day. A big hit with customers, especially in the mornings, is café dela olla the Mexican spiced coffee that Rodriguez makes the traditional way. Rodriguez also does a champurrado, chocolate-based atole that she makes in house, pictured below. It is a perfect drink to get during this chilly weather.

One of the main reasons she decided on opening the restaurant in the growing area is because she wanted to bring business to her downtown. Ana Rodriguez said that “they are looking forward to being a part of the downtown Aurora culture and bringing everyone together.” She is already involved in First Fridays, the upcoming Trick or Treat event in downtown Aurora on October 26 from 12-3 p.m., and is planning to be involved in a lot more.

Fonda mi Pueblito is a welcome addition to downtown Aurora. If you’re looking to check it out, they currently have a Taco Special on Tuesdays and Wednesdays where tacos are only $1.

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