“Find Frida” coloring page project comes to Aurora

Aurora Downtown, in collaboration with Downtown Wheaton Association, launches “Find Frida,” an interactive and virtual coloring page that encourages all ages to play along.

“We were looking forward to launching our Frida Fridays in conjunction with the Frida Kahlo exhibit coming to College of DuPage, however, with social distancing in mind we had to think outside the box,” said Elle Withall, executive director of Downtown Wheaton Association.

Withall said they quickly came up with “Find Frida” as an alternative, and Aurora is invited to play along.

Find Frida

  • Download the free Find Frida coloring page and get coloring. The page, designed by Sarah Cervantes from Seven Brighter, honors Kahlo, a famous Mexican artist well-known for her self-portraits and folk art style paintings.
  • Share your finished page on social media and tag Aurora Downtown. Use hashtag #FindFridaAurora.
  • Post it in your front window for people in the community to see on their walks, bike rides, or drives.

Like Aurora Downtown, Withall said, “We love community initiatives, and during this time of social distancing, we can still come together and have fun even from afar.”

The project runs through April 17. In addition to Virtual First Fridays on April 3, Aurora Downtown is promoting the community to participate in Heart Hunters and Chalk Your Walk #chalkyourwalkAurora.

There’s also a Stay-At-Home Bingo game to play.

“Spending time virtually as a community will help keep our communities connected during the stay-at-home order,” said Marissa Amoni, manager of Aurora Downtown.

Find Frida with us! #findfridaaurora

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