Aurora Film Society launches film screenings in 2018

Aurora Film Society hosted their first fundraiser in December at Gallery 1904, 1 E. Benton St. in downtown Aurora.

A local group aims to bring more films to downtown Aurora. The group of Aurora residents formed Aurora Film Society (AFS) this September to accomplish that goal.

AFS was formed to serve as an educational, social, and local resource that provides a shared cinematic cultural experience based in the city center.

The film society will offer monthly screenings of curated films as well as special events such as single screenings and festivals that focus on genres such as documentaries, animation, children’s film, and music.

The screenings begin in January at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum, 53 N. Broadway. The 2018 film series includes 12 films on alternating Thursdays. If membership is large enough, the group will offer two screenings a month. The movie loft, located on the second floor of the museum, seats approximately 60.

Yearly subscriptions are required to attend the monthly film screenings. Three subscription levels are offered. The basic level at $50 includes one admission to each monthly film screening. Admission is transferrable, but not refundable.

For more information on subscription levels or to purchase a subscription, visit aurorafilmsociety.org.

Karl Nicholas is the board president. Board members include Jeanne Norris, Kyle Reeves, Vicki McCoy, Karen Nicholas, and Helen Ratzlow.

“These screenings will be held downtown so as to avail ourselves of local restaurants, pubs, and bars for post-screening discussion. Our special events and film festivals will draw patrons from the wider region, with the likely result of more patronage to downtown businesses,” Norris said.