Aurora Downtown Come In!

Aurora Downtown is the oversight organization for Aurora’s Special Service Area (SSA) One. Governed by a board of directors, the 501(c)(4) organization has the following goals:
  • Create, fund, and staff a downtown management and development organization.
  • Assist business and property owners to enhance and maintain a safe, secure, clean, and hospitable business environment.
  • Attract businesses; plan, coordinate, and monitor capital improvement projects for downtown
  • Identify and work with business and property owners to encourage growth and improvements.
  • Design and implement a unified marketing plan.
  • Create programs to facilitate the funding of projects.

On July 25, 1975, Aurora Downtown began as Aurora Downtown Redevelopment Corporation exclusively for the promotion of social welfare within the city of Aurora by doing all things necessary to improve, redevelop, aid, and assist redevelopment districts.

Aurora Downtown is now an organization of downtown property and business owners who work cooperatively with the city of Aurora to implement projects funded by a Special Service Area tax levied on property owners in SSA-One.

Governed by a board of directors, the group’s income is used to underwrite a variety of downtown improvements, enhancements, and events as well as to market the downtown area.

Aurora Downtown is focused on making downtown Aurora a premier destination for arts, culture, entertainment, dining, living, and working.

Aurora Downtown works to achieve a healthy and thriving downtown for all to enjoy. 

Be involved!

Aurora Downtown holds monthly board meetings at 8 a.m. on the third Thursday. Meetings are open to the public. Find out more details in the calendar section. 

Find Aurora Downtown on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram @downtownaurora and Twitter @AuroraDowntown. 

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