Board of Directors & Staff Come In!

Brian Failing

Board Chair
Brian is the executive director at Aurora Regional Fire Museum.

Cort Carlson

Vice Chair
Cort is the executive director of Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Travis Andry


Kristine Walker

Kristine works at Presidio in Naperville.

Gina Salamone

Streetscape Chair
Gina is a lawyer for Huck Bouma. Gina is a director at the firm and concentrates her practice on elder law, estate planning and special needs planning

Kim Granholm

Marketing Chair
Kim owns Aurora Fastprint located at 54 E. Galena Blvd. in downtown Aurora. She took over the family business from her late father, Tom, who served as a former president of Aurora Downtown.

Jason Sunderland

Events Chair
Jason is a broker for Keller Williams Realty.

Penelope Torres

Governance Chair
Penelope is a downtown resident and serves as director of operations for Aurora Pride. She is dedicated to helping Aurora become a more equitable and inclusive city.

Karen Christensen

Board Member
Karen is the city of Aurora's former director of downtown development. Karen also started A-Town Poetics, a poetry group that meets locally. She was named Aurora's first Poet Laureate in 2019.

Raquel Rodriguez

Board Member

Scot Bode

Board Member
Scot is the owner of PME Cake Supplies located at 35 N. Broadway in downtown Aurora. Scot has assisted in the efforts along the Broadway corridor.

Nestor "Gio" Rodriguez

Board Member

Mike Mancuso

Board Member

Yvonne Toney-Thompson

Board Member
Yvonne is the owner of The Cotton Seed Creative Exchange, 8 N. Broadway in downtown Aurora. She was elected to the board in 2020.

Kelsey Cozens

Board Member

Eric Battaglia

Standing Director

Kim Caponi

Standing Director
Kim is the Director of Presidential Communications and Operations at Waubonsee Community College.

Trevor Dick

Mayor Appointed Director

Bart Grometer

Board Member
Bart is divisional manager at Mentor Worldwide, and he serves on the board of The Neighbor Project.

Abby Schuler

Mayor Appointed Director

Jesus Sanchez

Board Member
Jesus is the owner of La Quinta de los Reyes, a Mexican restaurant in downtown Aurora.

Jessica Linder Gallo

Standing Director
Jessica is the Executive Director of Aurora Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Marissa Amoni

Marissa is the Aurora Downtown Manager. She was the founder, editor, and publisher of Downtown Auroran Magazine for eight years.

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