About Come In!

Aurora Downtown is a nonprofit corporation that oversees Special Service Area #One. Our members are the approximately 250 property owners within the neighborhood generally bounded by Lincoln Avenue, Lake Street, Spring Street and Clark Street. We are governed by a 22-member board of directors, half of whom are elected by the general membership. The remaining directors are appointed by various agencies that have an interest in downtown Aurora. Members are taxed at a rate of 1% of their property’s equalized assessed valuation. The money collected is used for improvements to the neighborhood such as:

o    Promotion and sponsorship of events, including First Fridays and Food Truck Festival

o    Holiday decorations featuring an 8-story signature shooting star and tree atop the historic Leland Tower (Leland Tower)

o    Street planters

o    An infrastructure maintenance partnership with the City of Aurora

o    Marketing and promoting the downtown

Aurora Downtown does its work through active committees, open to any business or property owner wishing to help improve the neighborhood. The Aurora Downtown partnership includes the Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Aurora Civic Center Authority, Invest Aurora, the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, Santori Public Library, the City of Aurora, and Waubonsee Community College.

Aurora Downtown conducts a bimonthly board meeting open to the public at 8 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month at City Hall, 5th floor.