5 Questions with Sam Cervantes

Aurora artist Sam Cervantes completed his mural of a large pair of colorful wings in the fall of 2018. The wings are located on the east wall of La France Bakery, 118 E. Galena Blvd. in downtown Aurora. #hopewingsaurora


Q: How long have you been painting?

A: I’ve been drawing as far back as my memories go. About three to four years old. I got into hip hop art around 1983.


Q: What are you hoping murals do for Aurora?

A: Public art has always had a way of uplifting the morale in neighborhoods and in many cases helped property values rise. I hope it can do the same here.


Q: How did the idea of the mural come about?

A: This idea is one that is used all over the globe. Not a new idea. Just put my spin on it.


Q: Why wings?

A: I have a lot of friends that have passed away from cancer, heart disease, suicide, drug overdose, car accidents and murdered. It’s a memorial in their memory. Plus death is inevitable so what better way to capture the minutes we have left on earth than a picture of you with a majestic set of wings. Lol.


Q: What do you hope will be the future of art in Aurora?

A: I want Aurora to realize that art impacts a culture. Art is what future generations go back to when trying to understand a culture. How would we have understood the Mayan culture if it wasn’t for its artifacts? How would we understand ancient civilizations if it wasn’t for cave art, sculptures, pottery, jewelry, etc. I just hope that the general public would understand that in every one of us lives an artist. Don’t be quick to judge something that you doesn’t understand, and appreciate it for the beauty it brings. We don’t understand what the birds are saying when they chirp but it is a beautiful sound. That’s what I would love for my city. Beautifully painted walls and kindness. We may not get kindness but we can have beautiful walls.


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