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All Spoked Up, AuroraNearly 2,000 people are employed in businesses located within downtown Aurora.

Our great neighbors include Ballydoyle Irish Pub, recognized by the Discovery Channel’s Planet Green Network as “the greenest Irish pub ever,” and Waubonsee Community College’s downtown campus, featuring 130,000 square feet of state-of-the art educational opportunities.

We won’t stop there. We’re also home to Endiro Coffee, a coffee shop with a mission; All Spoked Up, a bicycle service and repair show; Paramount Theatre and The Riverfront Playhouse; more than two dozen restaurants; several salons; cool barbershops; jewelry stores; bakeries; personal trainers; and so much more.

Downtown Aurora offers a full schedule of hugely-successful civic and cultural events (check out our events calendar), and Hollywood Casino is consistently rated as “simply the best” by its 1.5 million patrons each year.

We invite you to join us in downtown Aurora. Join people like Jimi Allen, who opened the Gravity Building; folks like Megan Paul with Vara Design; and dreamers like Cody Lorance, who opened Endiro Coffee’s first US location for the Ugandan cafe right here in downtown Aurora.

Now is the perfect time to bring your business to downtown, or to open that storefront you’ve always dreamed about.

How can we help?

TIF-financed assistance is available from the city of Aurora for investors interested in rehabbing existing buildings. Contact Invest Aurora to start searching for your perfect location in downtown Aurora.

Learn more about the incentives associated with the River Edge Redevelopment zone here.

Learn more about the Finish Line Downtown Grant program here.

Downtown Aurora is the heart and soul of Illinois’ second-largest city. Our thirty-block district boasts significant architecture, residential opportunities, and a diverse group of over 250 independently-owned businesses. We welcome visitors by plane, train, Pace Bus, and Greyhound, car (Route 25, Route 31, and I-88), or bicycle.

For more information, contact Aurora Downtown. We’d love to help you find just the right spot in downtown Aurora.

The time is now!

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